My name is Alex and this is a blog about a bicycle ride. In March 2013 I flew from my home in London to Istanbul to begin cycling east across Asia.

The plan was to have no plan. No fixed destination or timeframe. I just wanted to live simply and journey to places far and seldom visited in a form which allowed complete freedom. Moving through the world at a pace dictated by the land under my wheels, the food in my belly and the stamina in my legs, and learning about the world and its people as I go. Some 15 months later, despite numerous setbacks and misadventures, these same motivations carried me all the way to Bangkok where my wheels finally stopped and I returned to the UK.

I raised money for Future for Nepal; a small charity who operate across Nepal to help impoverished children get a quality education. All donations went towards children’s education and provision a safe learning environment. You can read more about Future for Nepal here.

Filthy and loving it after a dusty day’s riding in the Kazakh desert.