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On my bicycle ride across Asia I became the fortunate subject of many people’s hospitality. Every now and again roadside strangers invited me into their homes to rest, offered me food and company, and welcomed me with disproportionate acts of generosity. The encounters were a continual source of inspiration: lifting my spirits, giving me an insight into local lives and perfectly contextualising the landscapes and scenery which otherwise filled my days. Over the 15 month journey I made a series of images documenting these unpredictable and fleeting acts of hospitality.

3 years after finishing my journey the kindness and trust of these strangers inspired me to self-publish a photobook. The book entwines photographs, thoughts and emails which track my travels from Istanbul, through the deserts and high mountains of central Asia, along cold and monotonous Chinese highways and the winding jungle tracks of south east Asia, to Bangkok. The story is an intimate portrayal of my adventure: its highlights, struggles and how I was won over by the extraordinary characters who helped me along the way. It is a tribute to the spirit of hospitality and a reminder of its importance in a divided world.

The book’s title is taken from the Iranian phrase ‘gudhamet ru chesham’ which is used to acknowledge thanks given for hospitality in the custom of ta’arof. It roughly translates as ‘you’re more than welcome’, or directly as ‘may your footsteps fall on my eyes’. The phrase epitomises the outlook of those who helped me.

The book has now sold out.

However, there is the possibility of a further print run if there is enough interest. If you are interested in a copy of the book (RRP £22 + £3.99p&p) please insert your email below and I will get in touch with details.

You can read more about the concept behind the book in these blog posts.

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